Firm Overview

Founded in 2007 and staffed by a team with decades of combined investment and operational experience, HCP has focused on operating a little differently from other investors. In our view, we bring a traditional growth equity skill set to non-traditional situations. We focus on what we believe are under-appreciated, under-followed, or under-capitalized businesses, whether they are small public companies, non-core divisions of larger companies, restructurings, or simply good companies in out-of-favor industries. In every investment we work closely and patiently with management to help transform businesses into larger and more successful operations.

We strive to bring to each investment:

  • Flexibility: We tailor our investment approach to the unique needs of each situation. We are comfortable investing in both equity and debt as a minority partner or a control investor.
  • Integrity: We have cultivated what we believe is a reputation for honest and forthright investing. Integrity, creativity, and constant support for our portfolio companies are hallmarks of our investment approach.
  • Speed: We aim to execute an investment with speed and certainty of close.
  • Experience: We believe our operating experience and industry relationships allow us to add value as an investor.
  • Problem Solving: We work with management to provide solutions to difficult and complex problems.