Management Team Perspectives

"In addition to providing needed capital to grow our business, Hale Capital elevated our stature and market positioning through a resounding public endorsement and access to a global network of potential partners and prospects. As well, the insights and advice provided kept our company focused and enabled us to meet critical business and financial metrics. If companies have a desire to provide a positive jolt to their current situation, then partnering with Hale Capital Partners is a strong option."

- Jim Greenwell, ACE*COMM

"The acquisition [by Hale] was a very interesting time in our professional careers. It was very fulfilling. Initially, we had great uncertainty about being spun out. And then we learned what we could accomplish without the shield of a large organization. It was very empowering. 'Meet and exceed customer expectations and you shall be rewarded financially' was a very refreshing approach to a business I had been in for a decade. Now being back in a large corporation after this experience is very hard."

- Steve Chacko, LocationLogic

"After the Hale team acquired LocationLogic, they put customer satisfaction first, focused the team on critical engineering deliverables, and transformed their product from a laggard to a leader. We were pleased with their efforts and with the positive cultural transformation that took place among LocationLogic's employees. The team performed, delivering on-time and high quality work. We were delighted as a customer for the first time in many years thanks to their customer focus and dedication."

- LocationLogic Fortune 50 customer